How to Be Assertive at Work?

How to Be Assertive at Work

Challenge yourself to speak up what’s in your mind may lead you to a clash from your co-workers. Unfortunately, always say yes and agree to whatever choice decided will lead you nowhere. In the end, your career will be stagnant and turn you to be frustrated and burnt-out. It is time for you to stand up for yourself and change. Leave the habit to agree and try to be assertive at work. Here are some following ways how to be assertive at work.

What is Assertive?

If you are afraid of what people say about you and always agree to every point your co-workers make, you tend to develop a passive behavior to your career development. Therefore, you need to be more assertive and dare yourself to disagree and stand up for your opinion. Being assertive means, you are forthright toward yourself and people around you about your wants, needs, and right without neglecting others’ wants, needs, and rights. In other words, you make a win-win solution for both sides. If you develop assertive behavior in your work atmosphere, you will be more confident and assured. You will be able to speak up with your opinion even though your opinion will not come out as the best solution.

Steps on How to be Assertive at Work

It is important to respect yourself. Respecting yourself means you recognize your value so that you will able to treat your colleagues well and gain respect from them. Respect will also lead you to build and develop communication skill between you and them. Here are some following steps to be assertive at work.

  • Get to Know your Value

I often observed my former colleague, who was recently promoted to be a supervisor, the way he treated my other colleagues and me at work. He is responsible and dedicated to his work. His persistence toward his workplace impressed the manager and us. Besides that, he was willing to help me and others for the job descriptions we didn’t fully understand yet. In result, he gained respect from me and others.

Based on that story, you need to figure out your value and contribute yourself best to your workplace. Try to avoid the criticism from other colleagues that may lead to scrutinizing your mistakes, flaws, and failures. Whatever the mistakes you make, you need to fix them and see the positive behavior toward the mistakes. Learn from the mistakes and embrace yourself with better action. People will know your value.

  • Know your Obligations and Rights

Another step to be assertive at the workplace is to know your obligations and rights. Make sure you know your main job descriptions: obligations and rights. You also need to keep updated the posted notices about the employee policy manual. The posted notices may announce important information about additional job descriptions. Try to be assertive by learning the ethical and legal boundaries from your work atmosphere. For example, if your office has 8 work hours and you work more than 8 hours and do not pay for your overtime work for more than once, find out the rules about overtime pay. So, you will stand up what you deserve. Read also the employment law if you feel being mistreated or harassed. It will help you to seek protection.

  • Raise your Self-Confidence

Many people tend to take for granted what they have experienced and achieved in their workplace, whether it is small or big. In result, those experiences and achievements are no longer worth remembering and mentioning. If you find this case happens to you, you need to boost and raise your confidence. You can do many activities to boost confidence, such as learning new skills or educating yourself by joining some workshops or seminars. Those activities may elevate your self-confidence because they work together with the accomplishments and dedication you have before. Your colleagues will start remembering strengths, achievements, and skills that you keep forgetting. Don’t forget to document your achievement and accomplishment to raise your mood and confidence when you are down.

  • Know your Boundaries

Know and establish your boundaries is very important to do to avoid frustration, stress, anger, and burnt-out. Missing the weekends for new projects and doing overtime works without proper rest will lead you to stress. Keep in your mind about your wants and needs for yourself and from your workplace. You need to set the boundaries and know your limitations by doing direct communication to your boss. Say to your boss that if you keep doing overtime works, you will be exhausted, and your work performance will be in a bad state and it will affect the company.

In conclusion, being assertive means, you need to stand up what you need and want without damaging your colleagues’ rights, wants, and needs. Therefore, if you are always exhausted to say yes and agree without telling your opinion, it is time for you to challenge yourself and change an old you to be a new you by following steps on how to be assertive at work.

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