What Is Intuition, and How Does It Work?

What Is Intuition

What is intuition? Intuition is often said to be very useful if those who have it can use this ability at the right time. In other cases, intuition is also said to lead someone to make the best decision for their lives. So, if you want to know about intuition, both its definition and how to manage it, read our review below.

What Exactly Is Intuition?

You’re faced with two choices and have little time to choose between the two. Without going through a long consideration, you immediately choose one of them. In your head, you get a gut feeling if it was the best decision at the time. In this case, you have used your intuition.

So, what is intuition? It is your ability to make decisions or to understand something without going through an intellectual or rational process. However, the question now is whether we can trust the intuition completely?

Where Does Intuition Come From?

At first, intuition is only considered as a hunch or guess. However, intuition can be explained scientifically.

In a recent study conducted by Ken Paller, a professor of psychology at Northwestern University, intuition is not just a hunch or guess. According to his study, intuition is also the result of your brain role.

Basically, according to Paller, the human brain can access unconsciously saved memory. And at certain moments, you may carelessly reach it – especially when trying to make a quick decision. In his study, Paller also found that decisions taken in a short time were better than those thoughts for too long. Further, this study is published in the journal Nature Neuroscience.

Paller is sure not alone because the same view – about the importance of intuition – was stated in the survey initiated by Smith Business Insight as well. Based on their survey, 78 percent of respondents agreed if a business leader had to follow their intuition when they had to make decisions quickly.

How to Improve Intuition

Many studies have proven that intuition can provide great benefits to our success. One of them, which has been directed by John Mihalasky, a professor from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, found that 81% of CEOs who have sharp intuition can double their business in just 5 years.

Of course, to get sharp intuition, you need to practice constantly. Thus, follow our method below to sharpen your inner instinct:

  • Be relaxed

When you are in a state of stress or fatigue, intuition will be difficult to emerge. Hence, every time you want to decide, calm down your mind and body first. Sure, in a relaxed state, you can listen to your intuition more clearly.

Also, when you’re relaxed, your brain’s condition will be in the Alpha wave, which can activate your right brain function – play a role in the intuitive and visual process. Therefore, try meditation or yoga to relax your body and mind.

  • Being spontaneous isn’t always bad

When required to make decisions quickly, try to hear the first thing that comes to your mind. That’s because the spontaneous act sometimes can provide an effective solution.

  • Recognize your intuition

To sharpen your intuition, practice to recognize when it’s trying to “communicate” with you. In general, you will hear voices that come from within your mind repeatedly. Sometimes, when your intuition appears, your body also gives some signals. Thus, you must be more observant in recognizing the rise of your intuition.

  • Train your concentration

Intuition can come at any time and may disappear quickly. Therefore, you must maintain your concentration so as not to lose this important moment.

Moreover, by having a good level of concentration, you will be able to capture intuition in tough conditions.

  • Be sensitive to your body signals

Your body is a very strong signal carrier. Before you get sick, for instance, your body gives intuition to take a break. But sometimes, you may ignore that intuition and prefer to continue your activity. So, if you want to sharpen your intuition, always catch any signal your body gives.

  • Be more patient

After clearing barriers and all the things that make you unable to think clearly, don’t immediately expect an instant answer. Never consider that a great intuition will promptly fall on your lap. Just give a little time off, and you will be surprised that the answer is in your head.

  • Being consistent

Being consistent is the most difficult thing to practice. It does not only require a great focus, but you also have to be disciplined with everything that has been decided. Plus, this is an important key to build yourself into someone with high intuition.

Final Thoughts

After reading our section above, now you certainly have a further view of “what is intuition?”. Being connected to yourself is sure important to build self-confidence. Also, by using intuition, you will feel more peaceful because you always know what to do next.

On top of that, sharp intuition makes you able to make good decisions and always takes you in the right direction to achieve success in life. But of course, intuition also needs to be used together with rational analysis, so the result is more maximal.

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